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Nov 1, 2009 11:00pm EST
the legal drop out age. lisa silvester tells us why. >> montgomery county maryland school board voted unanimously to request the state change the law and keep students in school until the age of 18. currently, students can drop out in maryland at 16 years old. 19 states and the district of columbia now have raised their legal drop out age to 18. the national education association, the country's largest teacher's union, wants all states to adopt the policy. >> you cannot compete globally if you do not have the proper academic preparation and the credentials and so we are moving more towards a cree den that lived society and one of the very first credentials that we need to have is a high school diploma. >> reporter: the national governor's association this month joined the ranks of those calling to raise the legal drop out age. consider these numbers. at least one in five students droops out of school. nearly 5,000,018 to 24-year- olds don't have a high school diploma. and the u.s. ranks 20th out of 28th among industrialized countries when it comes to high school graduation rates. that
Nov 5, 2009 11:00pm EST
at news around the nation. . >> i think she should lose her job. >> lisa claims her 6-year-old daughter's teacher allowed the little girl to clean up another students's urine. according to the police report in west beach, florida, she found the urine on the floor and told her teacher who offered her a reward for cleaning it up. >> it worries me because she has a stack this big and i'm imagining if she did that what else can she do for that stack of, you know, dolphin cards. >> reporter: the teacher admits to making a poor decision but says she didn't mean to harm anyone. >>> speaking of things that make you go oooh, gross. >> the whole building shook. there's ice everybody and we're looking up and think oh my god what came out of the sky. >> at least this ice isn't blue but i wouldn't be touching it. a huge chunk came down, and it's low catted near one of the flight paths for o'hare. and not ice but fire. homes shook after a natural gas pipeline exploded. three people were hurt, one house was destroyed. . >> you're so right. you can see just a little bit of sprinkles on the car when i w
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2